7 Picture Books to Celebrate Reading and Readers

7 Picture Books to Celebrate Reading and Readers

If you are looking for amazing picture books to celebrate readers, reading, and World Read Aloud Day, this is the post for you!

Whether you are kicking off reading workshop, teaching students about independent reading, celebrating Read Across America Month, or just want to celebrate your readers and reading, this list of picture books is for you!

These books are my absolute favorite to celebrate reading! By now you know that I firmly believe in the power of getting cozy in the classroom library with my kids and reading, discussing, and sharing picture books. Upper elementary students are not too old to be read to, in fact, it is always my students' favorite part of the day, and often requesting I show the pictures on each page a few moments longer! I love that these books celebrate what I preach in the classroom, let's get comfy and read a good book!

Read on to see what makes each of these books so special and how I use them in the classroom. Be sure to read to grab the free activities at the end of the post!

Miss Malarkey Leaves No Reader Behind by Judy Finchler and Kevin O'Malley

7 Picture Books to Celebrate Reading and Readers

This one is another homerun in the highly engaging Miss Malarkey series!  This series follows the kids of Miss Malarkey's class as they strice to read 1000 books by June, a challenge set out by Prncipal Wiggins.  Told by the main character who hates reading, this books shows how once a good book is recommended reading becomes addicting! The main character no longer plays games with his friends because they all would rather read. Finally Miss Malarkey finds the perfect book for the main character and his world is never the same again! This book is perfect to read at the start of the year to discuss books, book recommendations, and class reading goals.

Jeremiah Learns to Read by Jo Ellen Bogart

goal setting picture books

Hands down my absolute favorite book about reading! This one may be hard to find so check it out at your library. This story is about an old man name Jeremiah who never learned to read. While he knows how to do a lot of other things, he really wants to learn to read, so he goes back to school to learn. The kids are always so surprised and shocked by this heart warming story that sends the message that you are never too old to read or learn something new. I love to read this book at the beginning of the year when the students set individual reading goals.

A Quiet Place by Douglas Wood

celebrate reading with read alouds

If you use reading spots in your classroom, this is a must-read! It illustrates how the perfect, quiet spot for you is one that allows you to do your best thinking and concentrating. It follows the main character as he travels around the world looking for that one place for him, which ends up being inside of him all along.  I love to read this book at the beginning of the year when we are setting up our reading workshop routines and we discuss the best places we can read in the classroom.

The Best Place to Read by Debbie Bertam and Susan Bloom

read alouds to celebrate reading

This book is also a good book to read If you use reading spots in your classroom. A much simpler story, written in rhyme and with younger illustrations, this story also focuses on a main character who looks and looks for the best spot to read. Most places he goes he is distracted and cannot concentrate on reading. This is an important message for students to hear as they think about finding a spot that they will want to read and do their best thinking in the classroom during independent reading time. I love to read this book with third graders at the beginning of the year when we are setting up our reading workshop routines and we discuss the best places we can read in the classroom.

How to Read a Book by Kwame Alexander

how to read a book picture book

With beautiful eye-catching illustrations, this book explains step by step how to read a book. From finding a cozy place to not rushing as you read, students will see just how important it is to truly enter the world of a book. This book is a true celebration of reading, stories, and the power of words. I love reading it at the beginning of the year to talk about finding spots to read and for real VS fake reading. This is another book that I read at the beginning of the year when we are setting up our reading workshop schedule and expectations. It is also great to revisit when you are working on procedural writing.

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore by William Joyce

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This book follows the main character Morris after his world and his own story is turned upside down. He wanders until he ends up in a library and his world is changed. Morris begins to care for the books, order them, and get lost in reading them, too! As the story continues, Morris shares his life in words to the books he cared for. The story ends with Morris' story ending and a new character's beginning. I love this book because it is very thought-provoking for students and truly illustrates how we each have a story inside of us.  This book is perfect to read during any author study to help students think about how the lives of the authors play a role in the books that they write.

What Would You Do in a Book About You? by Jean Reidy

7 Picture Books to Celebrate Reading and Readers

I just love this book! This book encourages kids to dream big and think about themselves as authors now! I love the message it sends to kids - they can do anything that they dream and put their minds to and of course, reminds them to spread a little kindness along the way! This book is perfect to read on the first day of school when you are setting up your classroom community and then again on the last day of school as you wish students well and remind them that the whole world is ahead of them!

Honorable mentions to celebrate reading...

Miss Brooks LovesBooks (and I don't) by Barbara Bottner

Book's Big Adventure by Adam Lehrhaupt

Lila Lou's Little Library by Nikki Bergstresser

Reading aloud has so many benefits for our students. It improves their processing skills, models reading fluency, engages students in critical thinking and meaningful discourse, and is truly a bonding activity that helps to build your classroom community! Celebrate reading, your growing readers, and your classroom community through reading aloud these books.

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