Interactive Read Alouds - One Book, Many Ways


I truly believe in the power of a high-quality picture book read aloud to engage upper elementary students, help them to grow as readers, and develop a lifelong love of reading, too.

I know how much time it takes to create content-rich activities that promote critical thinking and align with standards for the books that we read with our students. That is why I created these reading companions...Time to Read Aloud

I have taken my love of picture books and coupled it with interactive read-aloud guides and rich meaningful activities to help you make the most of the time you have with your students.

These resources will save you valuable classroom time because each set focuses on using a picture book, again and again, each time revisiting the book with a new lens: reading as readers, reading as writers, and reading as word-smiths.

If you are like me, you are picture book-obsessed...and while it is very tempting to constantly read a new book each time you teach a lesson, hold back and grab a book that you have already read!

Using previously read picture books:

  • Allows students to focus on the skill or objective of your lesson instead of trying to comprehend and digest a new book.
  • It also shows students that good readers enjoy books over and over and can reread books with a new lens.
  • Encourages struggling readers to independently "reread" a book that they are familiar with already.

Each set includes:
  • Teaching Guides for reading, writing, and word work lessons
  • Bloom's Question sticky notes to add to each page
  • Anchor Charts and activities for each skill
  • Independent Activities to use with any book 
  • Going Further Literature Connection activities kids love
  • so much more in both print and digital formats!

Which set will you use today?

"My students loved the read alouds and activities that go along with them. The resource is very easy to follow." -Jody

"I LOVE this resource and hope you make more! Each book provides everything you need for a week of instruction in all areas of balanced literacy, including higher-level thinking skills:) Please make monthly bundles - I would buy them all!" -Sharon C.


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