Mountain Classroom Theme Decor Ideas for Back to School

Mountain Classroom Theme Decor Ideas for Back to School

When it comes to transforming your classroom into an adventure, mountain-filled learning zone, I love to go all out! One reason is that having a mountain-themed classroom brings a sense of calm and serenity to your room. We can all use more of that in our classrooms!

Using a mountain classroom theme can really elevate your classroom atmosphere, promoting the idea that this school year, your students can overcome any obstacle or mountain they face! Including the whole class in this adventurous theme strengthens your classroom community right from the start of the school year!

Even our "big kids" in upper elementary love the thrill of an engaging, dynamic classroom mountain-themed environment. A mountain theme creates an exciting backdrop and promotes hard work and focus. Just like real mountaineers, students will learn to tackle obstacles, persevere through tough tasks, and celebrate their achievements at the summit. 

Get ready for the back-to-school season with these easy-to-implement ideas focused on mountain-themed classroom decor that will make your classroom feel like a mountaintop adventure. Try all these or any combination to make your classroom an exciting place where students are eager to climb to new heights of learning and overcome any challenge that comes their way!

1. Start with an Introduction

mountain theme meet the teacher letter

Tell your students that YOU will help them take learning to new heights this year with a simple yet meaningful teacher note that reflects your classroom theme and motto and introduces you to your new students!

Keep the theme going through the year by using a ! I love using a newsletter to let parents know what learning has taken place this week, let them know about important upcoming dates, and other important classroom information! Using a simple newsletter allows parents to feel that they are connected to you, their child, and the classroom.

Keep the communication with families and caregivers and the mountain theme going all year long with a weekly class newsletter! They are easy to use and help to keep your communication and relationships with parents and families strong!

Mountain Classroom Theme Decor Ideas for Back to School

2. Coordinate Your Room

mountain theme classroom rules posters

When it comes to coordination, I focus on a few key elements of the room. I try not to overdo it, but I do want key parts of our room to reflect our mountain and perseverance theme! 

Here are a few key places that I make sure to include mountains...
πŸŒ„job chart
πŸŒ„name tags 

mountain theme slideshow open house google slides

I love tying in my classroom theme to our open house night. For Meet the Teacher night, I use a mountain theme slideshow. The parents love the theme and always give compliments about how well everything ties together.  When the lights are low and the mountains are on the screen, it is a nice way to bring together your Meet the Teacher letter, bulletin board displays, name tags, and banners.

πŸ’‘Teacher tip: You can use the slideshow template that you create for the open house for your classroom procedure slides, too! Just make two different copies so that you can customize each slide for the different audiences. 

4. Inspire with Motivational Bulletin Boards

mountain theme bulletin boards

Over the last few years, I have found that incorporating positive and motivational quotes into our morning meeting time and classroom has a positive outcome for the kids. They love to read and learn new quotes related to different themes. Oftentimes, they repeat the quotes at appropriate times, which is awesome to see!

I use different themes and leave them up for a month or so. We do spend time discussing them a bit during morning meetings. Sometimes, the kids illustrate the quotes or write a reflection about them, but I have found the biggest impact is made just through discussing them and seeing them displayed each day!

I rotate through these six themes, which last us through the year!

πŸŒ„ Growth Mindset
πŸŒ„ Class Community
πŸŒ„ Reading 
πŸŒ„ Kindness
πŸŒ„ Empathy
πŸŒ„ Mindfulness

5. Send Your Students Positivity Notes

mountain classroom theme

This is fun and simple to do! 

I print the positive quote posters four to a page to create instant notecards! These are very motivational for the kids, especially on days when we have tests or a crazy schedule. All you have to do is print four to a page, cut them, and write a quick message on the back. The kids love to see these on their desks and save them, too.

As the year progresses, I also print out cards for the kids to write positive messages to each other. I either assign who they write to or have them exchange with a partner to ensure that each student gets a note. This is especially fun to do during testing season!

6. Mountain Theme Accent Ideas

mountain theme classroom

Bring your classroom to life with small mountain theme touches like bulletin board paper, bulletin board borders, accent pillows for your classroom library, and matching bins! 

πŸ‘‰Take a look at my favorite accent pieces: Mountain Accent Pieces

mountain read alouds

Be sure to tie the idea of perseverance and a growth mindset to your mountain decor theme by reading some of my favorite mountain-themed books aloud! You do not have to read these all at once or all at the beginning of the year. Instead, weave throughout your year to keep the theme going!

πŸ“–Take a look at all the books here: Mountain Book List

By incorporating a mountain theme of hard work and perseverance, you will be creating an experience your students will always remember. Remember, it's not just about the decorations—it's about fostering a spirit of determination and excitement in your students. Try out these ideas or mix and match to create a space where your students are eager to climb to new heights of learning and overcome any challenge that comes their way. 

Happy teaching, and here's to a fantastic school year filled with growth and adventure!

Looking for mountain classroom decor to inspire your students this year? Head HERE.

mountain theme calendar for classroom

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mountain theme with free mountain student name tags

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Coloring Pages for Upper Elementary Students and 8 Ways to Use Them

Coloring Pages for Upper Elementary Students and 8 Ways to Use Them

Are you wondering how to use coloring pages in your upper elementary classroom?
Look no further! Whether you're planning engaging lessons, looking for ways to reinforce academic concepts, bulking up your fast finisher bin, or simply want to add a fun twist with coloring pages to your daily routine, incorporating these ideas for coloring sheets will be a game-changer! 

Upper elementary students still love coloring, and with the right strategies, we can turn this simple activity into a powerful educational tool. From fostering creativity to enhancing learning across subjects, coloring pages are a versatile resource you can keep in your teacher's toolbox all year.

Plus, there are so many benefits for students when you bring coloring activities into the classroom:

✅ encourages focus and concentration

✅ increases motivation

✅ enhances creativity

✅ reduces anxiety

✅ improves fine motor skills

✅ reinforces concepts learned

✅ helps kids calm down and transition

✅ encourages patience and persistence

Read on to discover eight creative ways to use coloring pages and activity sheets that will captivate and educate your upper elementary students!

coloring sheets for fall halloween and seasons for 3rd 4th 5th graders

1. Brainstorm for Writing Tasks

Using coloring pages as a starting point for brainstorming helps students when it comes time to write. I love using Doodle Thinker pages because the images directly match to the word work, list building, and writing topic. This allows students to already start thinking about their writing as they color. When they are done coloring, writing becomes their focus.

These are fun, simple, and meaningful to use each month for different holidays and special days!


color by code and color by number activities for 3rd 4th 5th graders

2. Fast Finisher Bins and More

Coloring pages are perfect for fast finishers, brain breaks, center tasks, and morning work! You can also add coloring pages to your substitute bin. Once students understand how to use different coloring activities, they become the perfect independent task. Students work hard and concentrate as they complete different coloring pages. 

Here are the different types of coloring pages that we use:

πŸ‘‰Doodle Thinkers: These are our favorite! Each page has a different theme or topic. The kids color the mini images with any colors they want. When they are done, the kids answer a list-building activity, do word work, do a scavenger hunt, and write to a given task. Since all the images are related to the writing tasks, even your most reluctant writers will love to write!

πŸ‘‰Color by Code/Number: Color by code pages follow specific rules or directions for coloring. Each page includes an image to color. The image is broken into different pieces and assigned a problem to solve. Once the problem is solved, students get the coloring code answer and color that piece in the picture. These are great for reviewing grammar and math skills and strengthening reading comprehension.

πŸ’‘Teacher Tip: Have students complete all of the questions first, then go back and match the code to their coloring. This makes it easier for students.

πŸ‘‰Kaleidoscope Designs: These free choice coloring templates are fun for kids to plan out what coloring pattern they want to use. There is no direction to follow. I encourage the kids to pick three or four colors and design a repeating pattern to complete the page. The kids love to complete these during dismissal time!

πŸ‘‰Quote Coloring Pages:  I love to give students words of wisdom coloring pages that help them stay positive and have a growth mindset. These are fun any time of the year, but I especially love using them at the beginning of the year and during standardized testing season.

3. Vocabulary Building 

We love to draw and label! You can have your students draw their own images or select coloring pages that relate to a specific theme or subject. Students can label different parts of the picture with new vocabulary words they are learning. For example, when you are learning the different parts of a plant, have students draw a plant or find an image/clipart of a plant that students can color and label! Doodle Thinker pages also help build our vocabulary through list writing. 


grammar review color by code activities for kids

4. Tricky Concept Review

Incorporate math by having students solve problems or puzzles where the answers determine the colors they use on different parts of the page. Color-by-code pages are great for this! We use color by code to help practice basic facts like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. But we also use them for more complex math tasks like estimation, place value, telling time, and order of operations!

Don't limit yourself to math! Color-by-code activities are also perfect for any type of grammar practice or review, especially as the kids get older and need reminders and reviews of grammar concepts.


summer olympic coloring page for upper elementary

5. Content and Real World Connections

Use coloring pages related to scientific topics, like the solar system, animals, or plants. Students can color the pages and add labels or facts they have learned about each subject. We love to use science coloring pages to help us understand life cycles! Recently, we loved coloring pages to help us understand tricky concepts and vocabulary related to current events such as the Summer Olympics, solar eclipse, and leap year

coloring positive affirmation growth mindset posters for kids


6. Positive Classroom Decor

I love to display student artwork and coloring! Allow students to color pages that will be used to decorate the classroom. This can help build a sense of community and ownership of their learning space. Select phrases that encourage a positive mindset. You can have students complete sets like these and leave them up all year, or have students color seasonal images and rotate the pages out each month or season.


coloring affirmation pages for kids

7. AffirmationsMindfulness, and Kindness

Integrate coloring pages into mindfulness and kindness activities. Coloring can be a calming activity that helps students focus and de-stress, especially during transitions, after tests, or during crazy times of the year. Daily affirmations are a great way to start the day positively and remind students how special they are! They are also a great way to teach students to be kind.

πŸ’‘Teacher Tip: Use one affirmation a week. Give students time each morning to color the weekly affirmation. You can have students take their completed affirmation pages and create a book for themselves, or you can collect them and decorate your classroom, bulletin boards, or door with them!

kindness coloring pages for upper elementary kids 3rd, 4th, 5th grade

Spread kindness with kindness pages devoted to helping your students reflect on kindness, promote ways that they can be kind, and bring kindness into your classroom! These are also fun to hand and display around the room because they include different kindness phrases!


Grab these FREE kindness coloring pages to try in your upper elementary classroom!

8. Interactive Projects

Create collaborative projects where students each color a piece of a larger image. When assembled, it forms a complete mural or poster that can be displayed in the classroom. These are fun to leave on the back table to have students complete as they finish work throughout the day or week. You can set a time limit to challenge students or just allow them to work and finish as they can. I loved using these last year for holiday and seasonal activities and decor. They are fun to hang when students are done!

Try these collaborative projects...

Coloring page activities like these make learning fun and help integrate various subjects and skills, promoting a well-rounded educational experience for your upper elementary students. Once you begin to incorporate these ideas, you will see an increase in student participation, improved skills and focus, and students asking for more! Happy coloring!

Looking for more coloring activities like these? Head HERE.

kindness coloring pages for kids 3rd 4th 5th grade

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Coloring Pages for Upper Elementary Students and 8 Ways to Use Them

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