Amazon Back to School Teacher Must Haves for the Classroom

Amazon Back to School Teacher Must Haves for the Classroom

Teachers sure are a special breed! 

We sure do love to shop for our classroom and give teachery {is that a word} gifts to other teachers! Whether it is a new teacher asking for suggestions for their brand new classroom, a teacher looking to freshen up their classroom, or a colleague asking what thank you gift they should get their student teachers, I pull out this list of Amazon Back to School Classroom Must-Haves!

This list contains my personal tried and true teacher favorites, and they are all from Amazon! What better way to shop all things teacher life than by grabbing good deals and fast delivery all from the comforts of home. 

Perfect for ANY teacher and ANY Classroom:

Still looking for that perfect classroom item that you can not find on Amazon? This list of unique teacher resources will help!

must have bulletin board display reading genres in classroom library

Unique Classroom Items You Will LOVE:

While  I truly believe that it is the classroom community that makes a classroom and not what is hanging on the walls, I do love creating an engaging and organized classroom environment to make our home away from home run smoothly and be a great place to be each day for both myself and my students! 

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Like this Growth Mindset Cursive Alphabet!


must have cursive alphabet for growth mindset

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Amazon Back to School Teacher Supplies for upper elementary classroom

Get started decorating your classroom this year with this FREE welcome poster!

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