8 Ways For Getting Books to Stock Your Classroom Library

8 Ways to Get Books to Stock Your Classroom Library

Wondering how you can get all the books that you need to stock your classroom and your classroom library? I understand! It is a common struggle that all new teachers face when they begin to set up their classrooms.

Sure it is easy to hit up Amazon for the latest and greatest new books, but there are many other ways that you can score some amazing picture books to read aloud to your students and chapter books to add to your classroom library!

I am definitely a children's book addict and I am ok with that! 

Picture books and chapter books line my office walls, fill many closets in my home, and are proudly displayed all over my classroom. I worked for many years during college in the children's department of a book store {Borders, you may have heard of it} which fueled my love of books even further. It was definitely a dream job, outside of teaching, and I loved every moment of going to work. I got a sneak peek at all the new books, free books from publishers, and spent the entire day just chatting about books.  Before I was even teaching I had a whole stash of books just waiting for a classroom to call home!

Since these were the days before Amazon I got pretty creative when it came to finding books for my classroom. Try some of these ideas to help grow your book collection and classroom library.

1. Goodwill and Thrift Stores

Take an afternoon to hit up all of your local Goodwill and Thrift Stores. There is always a book section and it is usually stocked with children's books. Don't limit yourself to just chapter books for the classroom library, look for picture books to read aloud to students, too! You will grab the biggest haul by visiting multiple stores in one day! 

Use THIS SITE to find a Goodwill shop in your area!

2. Garage Sales

The summertime is garage sale season! Check your paper and social media groups to see where garage sales are happening in your area. I love garage sales because many times when you tell the owners that you are a teacher they will either give you the books for free or give you an amazing deal, so be sure to speak up and say you are an educator!

3. Scholastic Warehouse

Going to Scholastic Warehouse Sales is a teacher's dream! You can always find amazing deals on newer books. Some even have a sale that allows you to pay per pound of books! Use THIS SITE to grab amazing deals and be notified when the next Scholastic Warehouse Sale will be happening in your area! 

4. Instagram

The teacher community on Instagram is an amazing place to hang out! Are you following me there? head on over and follow along today! I am always sharing my favorite picture books and chapter books along with free activities to use with them! Plus, I frequently do book giveaways to help you stock your library! I am not the only one that does book giveaways! Be sure to follow some of your favorite publishers for their deals and giveaways, too!

Must follow on Instagram:

stack of books to add to your classroom library

5. Libraries

Befriend the children's librarian at your local library! They will be a great asset to you as you hunt for amazing books to stock your classroom library. Let them know you are looking for books and they will let you know when they discard books that you can have or if they have a friends of the library sale.

My local library has a sale on the first Saturday of the month where they sell (quite cheaply) books that they are taking out of circulation. So be sure to ask around at your local library, you will be surprised how much they can help you!

6. Ask Around and Social Media

Tell everyone you know you are a teacher! They will point you in the direction of free things for teachers. Everyone knows someone who is getting rid of books or retiring and has books and classroom materials to share.

Join local Facebook groups of teachers in your area. So many people post books and materials that they are happy to give away because they are retiring or changing grade levels. Also, check the FB Marketplace for cheap boxes of books that people are looking to get rid of! Be sure to check daily to catch the latest deals.

7. Donors Choose and Wishlists

If you have specific books or sets of books in mind that you want to use in the classroom head on over to Donors Choose and create a grant! You can also create an Amazon Wishlist filled with books you like! When you are done completing these share them on Social Media. You will be surprised how quickly people pitch in to help a teacher in need!

8. Try the Book Bank

Visit this site: The Book Bank to see if you qualify for free or discounted books for your school.

These are great ways to stock your classroom library with books that YOU want and pick out!

These ideas will definitely help to stock your classroom library! These tips are not just for new teachers. All of us should keep up-to-date classroom libraries with fresh new titles to help grow our students as readers and keep students engaged and motivated to read!

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8 Ways to Get Books to Stock Your Classroom Library

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