End the School Year Activities Upper Elementary

Classroom Management Ideas Upper Elementary

After spending the entire school year building and fostering a strong classroom community, I love to end the school year by celebrating all the friendships that were made during the year.

The end of the school year season can be hard on students. Some students are not looking forward to the summer or leaving the community that you have built. By weaving friendship tasks into your end-of-the-year routine, you give students a little something fun to look forward to each day and remind them that they are still a part of the community!

You will want to add these five friendship activities to your end-of-the-year toolbox to keep students engaged, feeling like an important part of your classroom community, and excited about the future with the friendships that they made in the class.

1. The countdown is on!

Classroom Management Ideas Upper Elementary

I love countdowns because you can use any amount of days that you want as you countdown to the last day of school, AND you can focus on any topic you think is important for your students...like friendships!

For our friendship countdown, we use 20 days. Each day is filled with a friendship-focused task to celebrate the good friends that we made this year! I love that the activities for each day include simple things that require no prep, like "Eat lunch with someone you never ate lunch with this year!" The kids LOVE that they get to spend a little extra time with someone from class each day!

You can encourage your students to work together with a friend from class while they complete this FREE engaging activity. For an extra twist, team up with another class and have students make a new friend while they complete this activity together.

Your students will also love working on this FREE writing and math project together!

2. Try Some Friendship Task Cards

                             Friendship Activities for the End of the School Year

Students need help to remember the good times of the school year! So many times when we brainstorm our favorite memories, the kids always say, "I forgot about that!" These friendship task cards have a focus for students to reflect upon. I love the discussions and writing that come from this activity! Just print, go, and hang these task cards around the room!

3. Spread Positivity 

                               End of the Year Community Building Thank You Notes

Writing thank-you notes in my classroom is a staple! We love to write thank you notes to special staff members, parent volunteers, after special programs, and just about any time we are feeling grateful! Feeling grateful for friends and writing them thank-you notes at the end of the year is always a hit with my students!

Make sure each student gets a thank you note by having a student of the day that all students write to or by having students randomly select names from a basket. A quick note and picture on the inside mean a lot to students, especially at the end of the year when they are feeling down and not quite ready to leave the classroom community! 

4. Read a Friendship Book

                               End of the year read aloud

Got a few spare minutes at the end of the year in between all the festivities planned? Read a Friendship Book! 

Try one of these favorites that are sure to get your students chatting about fond friendship memories of the school year! These are also the perfect read-aloud to share with students when those end-of-the-year friendship issues start to show up!

As a no-prep followup, have students take a plain piece of paper, fold it into fourths, and use all four spaces to create illustrations or paragraphs (or both) of favorite friendship memories of the year!

5. Write a Community Building Letter 

                          End of the Year Community Building Friendship Activity

If you have followed me for a while, you know that building community is an important part of my entire school year! Community building should not just be done in the first two weeks of school.

One activity I love to do with students to build community all year long is to write letters to different students each month. The kids love writing them and receiving them! It is something that kids look forward to each month.

At the end of the year, we write longer letters and create scrapbook pages about each student. It is a great keepsake of the year and the friendships that were made!

Again, make sure each student gets a thank you note by having a student of the day that all students write to or by having students randomly select names from a basket. A quick note and picture on the inside mean a lot to students, especially at the end of the year when they are feeling down and not quite ready to leave the classroom community! 

These 5 friendship celebration ideas for the end of the year are easy to implement and require little to no prep!  They are also loved by students and will surely end your year on a positive note.

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End of the year activities upper elementary

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End of the Year friendship activity ideas

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End of Year Activities and Projects for Upper Elementary

End of Year Projects for Upper Elementary

End of year projects for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders made simple!

When the school year ends, upper elementary students are ready to tackle their own learning independently! That is why I love providing students with independent projects that allow them to shine, take control of their learning, and show what they can do!

End of year projects are so important for students to completeThey are essential to student development and achievement and are not busy work.

Well-planned end of year projects help students with the following:
  • time management and organization
  • independence
  • collaboration and teamwork
  • time to synthesize all of the amazing skills and strategies that you taught them all year long

When we complete independent projects in the classroom, the kids are always engaged, excited to work on their assignments, and can't wait to share everything that they are learning

This is always a HUGE teacher win any time of the year, but especially when school is winding down.

These research projects have everything you need to help your students succeed independently and engage with their learning, even at the end of the year!
  • anchor chart
  • nonfiction passage to serve as a model
  • step-by-step tasks for each day broken down
  • high-interest topics
  • graphic organizers
  • going further tasks
  • scoring rubrics
  • creative extensions

Which project will you do with your students?

See what teachers like you are saying below! 

National Park End of Year Project for 3rd 4th 5th Grade Middle School

"This is a fantastic resource! I love that this project is different than a typical state research project but allows them to explore different areas of the US. The project is clearly laid out with manageable steps for kids. Great project!"

independent animal end of year project for 3rd 4th 5th graders

"This was a fantastic way to keep my students learning and engaged!
The students loved it, and they were able to work independently because everything was provided for them to complete this activity."

end of year biography project for 3rd 4th 5th grade

"I do a biography project each year with my third graders. They used the note pages this year while reading. Our papers are the best in years!"
"Wow! This product really takes the students through biographies one step at a time. So very easy to help them gather information and report!"

end of year project summer ocean animal independent research project for 3rd 4th 5th graders

"This is an EXTRAORDINARY resource - it is so thoughtfully designed! Each step is clear, and the organization is exceptional for students! They LOVE this research project!"

end of year independent research project for 3rd 4th 5th graders

"This is fantastic! I already owned your inventor close read and love it! This is a perfect addition! Thanks for all your hard work!"

Not sure how to get started with independent research projects this end-of-the-year season? I can help!

Click the image below to read my best tips for getting started with projects in your classroom!

end of year projects for 3rd, 4th 5th graders

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