All Are Welcome Back to School Ideas for the Classroom

Back to School Message:  All Students Are Welcome

There is no stronger message that I want to send my students during the first few days of school than all students are welcome in my classroom! When students enter your classroom they want to feel safe, loved, and welcomed. We can make that experience happen for them very simply.

Your warm smile is the BEST way to send that message to students, but with these welcoming read alouds your students will feel like they are home in no time at all!

All Are Welcome Here Read Alouds

All Welcome Here Book Activities

These picture books help to send the message home to students that you are glad that they are there!

All Are Welcome written by Alexandra Penfold follows a class of students during one day of school. The students quickly learn that all students are welcome in their classroom and loved by their teacher regardless of their race or background. This book beautifully illustrates that their classroom is one of diversity and a strong community. Such an important message to send to all students. 

Follow up a read-aloud of this book by inviting students to create a colorful, welcoming poster that includes all students to hang in your classroom. These make an adorable display. Grab this activity and a welcome banner to use in your classroom for free right here:

All Welcome Here written by James Preller celebrates each unique child that makes up a complete class. This book sends the message that no matter what you look like, act like, or are interested in, all students are welcome and are an important part of the classroom community!

Follow up a read-aloud of this book by having students complete activities that celebrate themselves and help them share a bit about themselves with their new classmates! My favorite activities to celebrate students are right here in this blog post.

Welcome Students and Families

Go one step further and help students feel welcomed before school even starts by sending them a welcome letter! All kids love getting mail and what happier mail to get than a welcome letter direct from your new teacher! {Insert huge student smiling face here}

In your letter, you can tell students about yourself professionally and personally and tease them with some clues about some upcoming units and topics they will be learning about.

You can see this letter that I use HERE.

All Are Welcome Back to School Printables

Don't forget about welcoming parents and families and sending them the same message: everyone is welcome! Parents and families want to feel welcomed and valued, just like their students. Send a formal invitation to parents for meet the teacher day, night, or open house. They will appreciate the time you took to help them feel welcomed.

All Are Welcome Classroom Printables

Once parents and families arrive for meet the teacher day or night or open house help them understand what is in store for the year and how they can help! Be clear with the information that you give parents in an organized slideshow. 

All Are Welcome Here Back to School Slideshow

Once parents and families have arrived at your classroom for the open house, enlist their help to stock your classroom by displaying a classroom wishlist. Parents love to donate and feel like they are needed and also a part of your classroom community!

Classroom wishlists are so easy to use! The concept is simple. I create a bulletin board with cards labeled with a classroom supply that is needed that parents pull down to donate.

Classroom items that I include in my wishlist display:

  • pencils
  • highlighters
  • papertowels
  • wipes
  • hand sanitzer 
  • glue sticks
  • sticky notes
  • crayons
  • markers
  • lined paper


You can put any item that you need for your classroom. I try to include items that are easily available for parents to find in stores and that are not too expensive. I also include items that go fast on more than one card for parents to take. Hand wipes and glue sticks are examples of ones that I include multiple times.

I pull this wishlist display back out during Parent-Teacher Conference Week in the fall and spring so that parents can once again donate to our classroom so that we can collect new items we now need or to refresh dwindling supplies. Parents know what to do the second (and third) time around, so be ready to get a lot of donations!

All Are Welcome Bulletin Board Display

When it comes to welcoming your new students, creating a classroom community, and celebrating students as individuals send the message that all students are welcomed and an important part of your class. Taking the time at the start of the year to build classroom community and make each student feel welcomed and valuable is worth every minute you spend on it!

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All Are Welcome Back to School Ideas and Activities

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