4 Kindness Bulletin Board Ideas Upper Elementary Classrooms

Kindness Display and Decor for the Classroom

When it comes to kindness in the classroom there can never be enough lessons, read alouds, activities, or bulletin board displays!

If you have followed me for any amount of time, than you know that teaching and bringing kindness into the classroom is an important part of my teaching life. I love to dive deep into what kindness looks like during morning meeting times, read as many picture books with kindness themes as possible, and catch kindness taking place in my classroom community in authentic, meaningful ways.

Displaying kindness quotes and creating kindness bulletin boards are two ways that you can easily bring kindness in your classroom and set the tone for your community of learners that kindness is important to you and the classroom environment. 

Here are some of my favorite kindness bulletin boards that I love to leave up all year long!

1. Kindness Rules

kindness class rules and expectation poster set

When it comes to classroom expectations, kindness is always my number one focus. By displaying these simple kindness rules and expectations right from day one, it is clear to students that being kind is a big part of our classroom community. To make sure it is clear how important it is to our classroom home, we all sign the kindness rules as a kindness classroom pledge. I love displaying the pledge as an important reminder for students and all who enter our room.

2. Seasonal: Kindness Through the Year

kindness posters and decor to use all year long

Since kindness is a big part of the classroom community, I make it a point to create an inspirational kindness bulletin board that changes with the seasons. I love decorating for the seasons and these posters are perfect to tie together kindness expectations and the changing seasons. The kids look forward to the new batch of kindness phrases each season!

3. Words of Wisdom: Kindness Can Move Mountains

be kind bulletin board display mountain theme

Motivational kindness quotes are a great way to bring kindness into your classroom and spark meaningful discussions about being kind. I love using this mountain theme to really bring home the concept that kindness can move mountains. That phrase becomes our class mantra and plays an important part of our positive classroom environment.

4. Student-Created Kindness Posters

Once students realize how important kindness is and how proudly it is displayed in your classroom, they begin to come up with their own kindness catch phrases. Once students create their own kindness quotes you can use those to display around your room and to kick off morning meeting discussions, too!

Want to get started with kindness in your classroom right now? Grab these free kindness posters and let your students create kindness quotes that you can display!

BONUS IDEA: Kindness Alphabet

kindness cursive alphabet

When I was moved from teaching third graders to fifth graders I knew I had to up my alphabet game! That is why I created these cursive kindness alphabet posters! The kids LOVE them! They are a great way to increase kindness, empathy, and community all year long.

Displaying kindness rules, expectations, and inspirational quotes is a small thing that makes a big impact. Doing this helps students to understand how important kindness is to you and the classroom community. Students truly do take in the message and begin to show kindness in all that they do!

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4 Kindness Bulletin Board Ideas Upper Elementary Classrooms

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