3 Things On Your Teacher Summer To Do List

teacher plans for back to school

I am definitely the type of teacher who likes to plan over the summer for the upcoming year. When you know which grade level you are teaching it is easy to plan all the things, like classroom decor, curriculum units, and the very important first-day of school lesson plans.


when you do not know what grade level or even which school or district you will be teaching in, planning over the summer and thinking about back to school season can be a little difficult.

I have been in both positions: knowing exactly what the next school year held and not having a clue where I would end up.

Either way, there are a few things that you can research, gather ideas and prepare this summer to get a jump start on the upcoming school year no matter where what, or who you will be teaching.

1. Discover Ways to Create a Kind Classroom

Creating a kind classroom is always a top priority for me, no matter which age group of students I work with. To truly create a kind classroom community, it takes a lot of planning and implementing of intentional lessons and activities. I like to spend the first-month teaching lessons on how students can show kindness through reading several books and discussing classroom expectations. As the year goes on, we continue to visit kindness lessons, but by October our classroom community is already one with kindness. Grab a free random acts of kindness activity HERE.

Get started with these ideas:

teaching kindness in upper elementary classroom

2. Learn How to Teach a Growth Mindset

A growth Mindset is a way of thinking that helps kids persevere during difficult tasks. I truly saw the power of teaching growth mindset strategies when I moved from teaching third graders, to teaching fifth graders. My older students seemed more set in their ways and thoughts about their own abilities than the third graders I once taught. It took formal lessons and discussions during the first two months of schools to start to see a change in my older students. It was the best investment I made in them, and as the year progressed and the work (especially math) increased in difficulty their persistence and stamina in work increased, too. Grab a free digital and printable positive award set HERE.

Get started with these ideas:

3 Things On Your Teacher Summer To Do List

3. Gather Resources to Implement SMART Goal Setting

There really is nothing more important than helping your students set and achieve attainable goals right from day 1. By doing this, you start to develop goal setting habits in your students. Habits that will certainly last a lifetimeWhile we set goals in my classroom at the beginning of the year, the students evaluate their progress weekly and set new goals frequently. The key to teaching students to set goals is to meet individually with students to help them find a goal that is appropriate for them that they are interested in achieving. Head to this blog post to grab the perfect interview form to kick off your student goal-setting meetings.

Get started with these ideas:

3 Things On Your Teacher Summer To Do List

There are so many things to do that first month of school. Plan ahead what you can now by learning and collecting ideas to help you create a classroom filled with kindness, positive thinking and a growth mindset, and SMART goals.  You are well on your way to having a great school year!

Have a great summer, teacher friends!

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teacher must dos for back to school season



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