How To Advice for Building Positive Relationships with Students

how to build student relationships

When prepping  for the new school year, planning to build student relationships is always at the top of my list. The time spent building student relationships is the best time you will spend all year long. 

As teachers we often feel overwhelmed with everything we need to get done in one school day and are always looking for more time. Building student relationships is critical to ensuring a successful school year for our students, a safe classroom community, and a well managed classroom.

It does not take much time out of your day to build those important relationships with students. Both by planning ahead of time and by using classroom down time to build student relationships you will easily be able to engage in meaningful conversation and build the bond between you and each student as individuals. 

Here are some quick and easy to implement tips for building student relationships that I use each year.

Hello there, and Goodbye!

Get away from the computer and your desk! Our time is limited and we always have so many clerical things to do on the computer, but by standing at the door to welcome and greet students individually by name, asking about their day or weekend, and smiling with eye contact makes a huge impact on students and how they feel about coming to school each day. Repeat this process in the afternoon as they leave with a high five and it will have the students leaving on a positive note, no matter how their day went. 

Build Trust

By building trust with your students you are telling them that you will not let them fail. You are allowing them to feel safe and take risks in the classroom. One way to do this is to understand each child's learning style.  You can have them take a formal quiz like this one, or ask them one simple question (see below) to determine their learning preference: auditory or visual. By presenting lessons in ways that will ensure each child's success the trust students have in you will strengthen.  Grab that all important question on the inventory form I use with my students for FREE at the bottom of this post.

how to build student relationships

Get to Know the Complete Child

It does not take long for our teacher instinct to kick in and we instantly know the students academically. But to truly get to know each student take the time to get to know their interests, hobbies, friends outside your classroom, and their hopes and dreams. One simple way to do this is with a quick student inventory. You can interview each child one on one during the first week of school and take notes, or you can have each student complete an inventory form independently. Grab the inventory form I use with my students for FREE at the bottom of this post. Don't forget to complete this periodically throughout the year as students change.

Set Goals and Check In

Helping students set individualized goals is a great way to show them you are invested in them and their success! Whether you set academic, behavioral, or social emotional goals, be sure to set a goal plan to help them meet their goal. Check in weekly or bi-weekly to discuss their progress and set new goals as needed.

Building relationships with students is a must! The time spent building and strengthening relationships all year long is well worth the time investment. 

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