A Peek Inside My Reader's Workshop Toolkit

reading conference forms and templates

When it comes to holding effective reading conferences with your students during reading workshop time organization is key!

During reading conferences, I love to carry around my reading conference toolkit, filled with everything that I need to hold the perfect reading conference with my students.

Using a reading conference toolkit allows me to maximize the little time that I have with each student because I have everything that I need right at my fingertips.

So what do I keep in my reading conference toolkit? Read on to find out and grab a free checklist to get started on making your own reading conference toolbox at the bottom of this post.

A Peek Inside My Reader's Workshop Toolkit

How to find the perfect "toolbox"?

When I first started running the workshop model in my classroom I knew I wanted a reading workshop toolbox. So I just grabbed an empty box that I had in my classroom and loaded it up! While it held everything that I needed just fine, it was not easy to transport from student to student as I made the rounds conferring. And sadly, it ended up staying on my back table for most of the year. The next year, I knew that I needed something with handles to make my toolbox easy to carry.

That is why I love this tote from Mollie Ollie. It has enough pockets, dividers, and side slots to keep everything need to hold my conferences. It is also sturdy enough to last in a classroom. It is also super cute and I love the colors!

No matter what type of tote you get, make sure it has handles. Using a box or crate is difficult to carry around and you will find that you will not use it.

What is inside my toolbox?

The supplies and resources that I keep in my reading toolbox change slightly depending on which reading unit I am teaching. By having all these supplies in my toolkit, I find that I save time and am much more focused on my student and helping them grow as readers. Our time during reading conferences is so short. It is important to make the most of the time that we have together.

Here are the must-haves I keep inside no matter which unit I am teaching:

reading conference forms

reading conference forms

I love using previously read picture books and chapter books to help teach students new reading skills and strategies. Previously read books are perfect instructional tools because since the students already heard the story they do not need to focus on comprehending it and instead focus on the strategy you are teaching them.

I do change the books I carry in my toolbox based on the current reading unit of study that we are in. If we are in a character study unit, A Bad Case of the Stripes or Weslandia is always in my box, but if we are in a study on understanding the theme I carry around Fly Away Home.

Before the school year begins, find a tote that you love and begin to fill it up with all the goodies that will help you run effective reading workshop conferences. Creating a reading conference toolkit will truly save you time and help you to run meaningful reading conferences. Remember that organization is key to making the most of the time you have with students one on one during reading workshop time!

Want to grab both the conferring note forms and templates for both reading and writing conferences? Click HERE.

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readers workshop conference forms and toolkit

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