Tips for Teaching Math in the Upper Elementary Classroom

Tips for Teaching Math in the Upper Elementary Classroom

Teaching math in the upper elementary classroom does not have to be scary! 

No matter which program or approach you use, being consistent and having high expectations go a long way to creating students who are mathematicians who practice critical thinking each day. 

Whether you are just starting the school year, or knee-deep in teaching students important problem-solving strategies, the tips in this post will help you grow your students as mathematicians. These tried and true tips for math instruction have helped me over the last 18 years turn timid students afraid to tackle multiple-step word problems into confident mathematicians. 

Tips for Teaching Math in the Upper Elementary Classroom

Math Activities to Get to Know Your Students

This quick-read blog post has ideas, tips, and activities to get to know your students as mathematicians and promote critical thinking in your classroom.

math bulletin boards for the classroom

4 Math Bulletin Boards to Leave Up All Year Long to Support Students

Let math concepts and strategies shine in your classroom with these math-focused bulletin boards that are easy to hang, informative for students, and perfect to leave up all year long!

teaching growth mindset in the elementary classroom

Growth Mindset Strategies for Your Upper Elementary Classroom

Help your students persevere, persist, and develop a life-changing growth mindset that will not only help them during math but in so many aspects of their lives.

teaching math discourse in the upper elementary classroom

4 Simple Ways to Engage Students in Meaningful Math Discourse

Help your students get over the fear of being wrong during math and encourage meaningful conversations in your classroom.

problem solving tips 3rd 4th 5th grade

5 Ways to Instill a Love of Problem Solving

Encourage a positive attitude and math a time of the day that both you and your students look forward to with these easy tips!

open ended math strategies in the classroom

How to Incorporate Open-Ended Math Questions

Weave in open-ended problems in your classroom to help show students that there is more than one way to attack a problem that will engage students of all levels.

tips for teaching multiple step word problems

5 Quick Tips for Teaching Multiple Step Word Problems 

Engage and and motivate your students with these techniques that target multiple-step word problems.

error analysis tips for 3rd 4th 5tgh grade

4 Reasons Why You Need to Use Error Analysis 

Error analysis is a game changer in the classroom. It truly brings critical thinking and math discourse into the classroom. Read this post to understand how you can help your students grow as deep thinkers as they defend their math thinking in your classroom.

error analysis activities for 3rd 4th 5th graders

A Closer Look at Error Analysis Math

Read about my story of bringing error analysis into my fifth-grade classroom in this quick-read blog post.

Make this the school year, month, or day that you enjoy teaching math with these tips and ideas. Not sure where to start? Feeling overwhelmed? Just pick one post and try one idea to help you get started. Remember, teaching math in the upper elementary classroom does not have to be scary!

Looking for critical thinking math activities? Click HERE.

critical thinking math performance tasks  upper elementary

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Tips for Teaching Math in the Upper Elementary Classroom

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