Error Analysis Math Activities for the Classroom

Error Analysis Math Activities for the Classroom

Have you ever wanted to provide your students with rigorous math activities that would require them to do all of the thinking instead of guessing or waiting for someone else to share the answer?  Yes, me too!

That is why I designed these rigorous and highly engaging math error analysis activities that kids LOVE! My own fifth grader students would ask for these tasks every single day! 

I experienced firsthand how these error analysis activities have turned my math classroom into a critical thinking hub where students independently figure out problems and defend their math thinking

Your students will solve rigorous, standards-aligned problems and decide if they agree or disagree with the solution presented to them. These problems reinforce more than math...they strengthen reading, writing, and debating skills, too! 

And with the super fun agree and disagree cards included, you will see a big increase in participation.

These activities were designed to help you save time planning and provide quality activities to your students at the same time:

  • morning work or bell ringer
  • whole-class math talk/discussion
  • math centers or stations
  • exit tickets
  • small group targeted instruction
  • math partner tasks, independent practice, and reinforcement
  • formal or informal assessments
  • homework, classwork, or test prep

Which grade level do you need?

See what teachers like you are saying below! 

second grade math error analysis

"My students love this and ask for more and more! The whole group discussions were amazing and engaging for all level of students. The deep understanding is great to see and I can't wait to see how far my students will grow."

3rd grade math error analysis

"The students loved these, and they were so good for developing my students critical thinking and reasoning skills! I will definitely continue using these in the future."

4th grade error analysis math

"This is a great resource to use in small groups at the kidney table, or as a whole class projecting it on the screen, or by breaking the whole class into small groups and having them work as teams. I am glad I bought the bundle. I am looking forward to using this in our measurement unit." - Robin

5th grade math error analysis

"Well thought of resource to review all math standards. This can be easily done after teaching each standard or as an end of year review. I am currently using this to review different concepts the last few weeks of schools and students love working together to agree or disagree." - Yolanda

Not sure how to get started? I can help!

Click below to read about why and how to use error analysis in your classroom to grow your students' critical thinking and analysis skills.

how to use math error analysis in the upper elementary classroom

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Error Analysis Math Activities for the Classroom

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