5 Winter Picture Books for Upper Elementary Classrooms

winter mentor text

No matter how old students get, they still love to gather in the reading corner and get lost in a good book, especially during the cold winter months. Navigating the holidays in the classroom can be tricky, and if your school is like mine, they encourage seasonal activities over any holiday-specific activities. When December approaches, I dive deep into winter, snow, and ice activities to keep the students engaged and learning all through the winter months. Connecting learning to what is going on outside of the classroom is not only critical, but the best way to keep students engaged and completely hooked during each lesson. These winter read-aloud books are perfect to share during reading and writing mini-lessons, after recess, before dismissal, during morning meeting, or anytime you want to stop and read a good book. These winter picture books and activities are the perfect way to welcome winter into your upper elementary classroom in a meaningful way, while providing content based lessons and addressing the standards, too!

Below are my favorite tried and true, seasonal winter read-aloud picture books* to share with students during the winter season. Read on to find out more about each book and grab the coordinating FREE student activities for each book at the bottom of this post.

winter mentor text
Owl Moon is the perfect read-aloud for so many different language arts activities. This book tells the story about a young child spending time with their father on a mid-night stroll owling, lending itself as the perfect mentor text for personal narratives and memoir writing activities and units. It is also chock full of figurative language: personification, similes, metaphors, and onomatopoeia, making it a great read-aloud to share for revising student writing. Since this book talks a lot about shadows, have students go outside, create their own shadows. Then have students work with a partner to measure and write a descriptive paragraph to describe their shadows. My favorite activity to do with this book is focused on point of view. Grab it for FREE at the bottom of this post.

winter mentor text
If you have never read Brave Irene, now is the time to read it with your students! This book is about a young girl who goes out in a blizzard to make a delivery to help her mother the dress maker. I use this read-aloud book to discuss character traits. The main character changes throughout the story, showing different traits and feelings as the story progresses. The descriptions of the character make it easy to make connections with Irene, as well as, compare and contrast her with other characters students have encountered in their readings. This book is also filled with figurative language and varied word choice, making it perfect for synonym and revisions lessons. Your students will be on the edge of their seat, cheering for Brave Irene to meet her goal. The suspense in the book, lends itself to lessons on building suspense within student writing, too! The possibilities are truly endless. Grab a FREE character analysis activity at the bottom of this post.

If you are looking for a 
winter mentor text
book that your students have not heard before, this is it! The Five Dog Night is the book that I look forward to reading each winter season. It tells the tale of two neighbors who help each other throughout the long and cold winter months. I love the themes of kindness and friendship that are weaved throughout this story. Each time I read this book, the students always worry for the well being of the characters, kicking off great empathy discussions in our classroom. I use this book to discuss character traits, making connections, themes, and most importantly, kindness. Grab a FREE kindness writing activity to use with this book at the bottom of this post.

winter mentor text
Wintertime is not complete without a read aloud of Snowflake Bentley. This sweet biography-story highbred is perfect to tie together seasonal activities with reading strategies. Whether you are studying informational texts, biographies, or fiction and character development, this book can help you meet your objectives. After a read aloud of this book, I always have  my students complete a Venn diagram comparing themselves to the main character Mr. Bentley. This simple activity helps the students identify something that is of great interest to them, just like studying snowflakes and ice crystals was of interest to Snowflake Bentley. Grab a FREE writing activity to use with this book at the bottom of this post.

winter mentor textThis short but sweet book is a great way to welcome winter into the classroom! It is filled with vivid word choice, strong verbs and figurative language, making it a great read aloud for any classroom. Because the text is short, it naturally lends itself for visualizing activities. Have students fold a blank piece of white paper into fourths and number each box. Read aloud the book without showing students the illustrations. Pause throughout the book frequently to allow students enough time to create their own illustrations to go along with the words that they hear. When you are done, have students compare and contrast their illustrations with each other and discuss why they created the illustrations that they did. Reread the book again, this time sharing the book's pictures with students so that they can again compare and contrast what they drew with the illustrator's drawings.  Grab a FREE follow up figurative language visualizing activity to use with this book at the bottom of this post.

When it comes to engaging students don't overlook the power of a great read aloud book, especially a great seasonal read aloud. 

winter mentor text

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Spread kindness this winter!



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    1. Hi there! Did you check your email in promotions tab? Sometimes the email with the resources get sent there. If you did not get them there, please email me and I am happy to send them to you! Jeanine, thirdgradegiggles@gmail.com

  2. Hi there! Did you check your email in promotions tab? Sometimes the email with the resources get sent there. If you did not get them there, please email me and I am happy to send them to you! Jeanine, thirdgradegiggles@gmail.com

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