Last Day of School Activities for Upper Elementary

Last Day of School Activities for Upper Elementary

Getting ready for the last day of school? It is stressful and emotional, I know!

The last day of school can sometimes feel awkward. Many of the school and class materials have been packed up, and student desks are usually cleaned out! It can leave both you and your students feeling like you do not know what to do.

No worries, I can help! Add these five ideas to your last day of school lesson plans to keep your sanity and fill your time together in meaningful and fun last time!

1. Last Day of School Coloring 

This past year, coloring pages have been my go-to for brain breaks, fast finishers, special day activities, and time fillers! So why not on the last day of school, too?

Each page also includes wordwork and written reflections about the school year! These are a must, just print, copy, and have them in your teacher toolbox for the end of the year and the last day of school.

Last Day of School Activities for Upper Elementary

2. Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

Did you snap a million pictures throughout the year of special days and moments? Turn them into a slideshow! If you are short on pictures, ask your students' parents and families to send some to you if they have some from school events.

If not, you can still create a slideshow! Create a special page about each student and share it on the last day. This template pack has all the pages that you need!      

last day of school slideshow template for the classroom

3. Read One Last Picture Book

I love to read non-traditional last day of school picture books! Books that focus on friendships and memories are a great topic to focus on as the year comes to a close.

Try these...

πŸ‘‰Read this post with my favorite last week of school read-aloud!

last week of school picture book read alouds

4. School Reflections with a Friend

Nothing says it is the last day of school more than reflections with a friend! Help celebrate friendships with these task cards that you can post around the room! Have kids work with a partner and reflect on the year. You can set these up with chart paper at each station. Give each pair of kids their own color marker to use at each station. Have the kids write their responses with their color maker at each station on the chart paper. Share all the responses once the kids have made it through all the cards.

last day of school scavenger hunt for 3rd 4th 5th grade

πŸ‘‰Grab a free friendship activity here!

5. Clean Up!

There is always something to clean on the last day of school! Have the kids clean out their desks, cubbies, lockers, and personal spaces. When they are done, enlist their help to clean up common areas, too! Assign different kids to different clean-up areas like the classroom library, paper closet, and shared supplies.

last day of school activities upper elementary

The end of the school year can be an emotional day for both staff and students. Keep the air of the classroom light and filled with fun activities to make the most of your last day as a class. With these five tips, your students will be smiling and enjoying the class during their last day in your classroom!

Happy summer!

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End of the year activities upper elementary

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Last Day of School Activities for Upper Elementary

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