End of the Year Bulletin Board Idea for Elementary

End of the Year Bulletin Board Idea for Elementary

The end of the school year in the elementary classroom is crazy enough without having to think about and plan an end-of-the-school-year bulletin board! I know, I know, you want to end the year with a cute bulletin board to say goodbye, and your school may even have an end-of-the-year bulletin board contest that you want to win, but you do not need any more stress when it comes to the end of the year!

That is why you will LOVE my go-to end-of-the-year bulletin board that is simple to create and student focused! Plus, when you bring the end of the school-year theme "Bugging Out for Summer" into your classroom to go along with the end-of-the-year bulletin board display, you will have your kids focused, working hard, and enjoying the last week of school!

So, let's dive into how you can create a simple, meaningful, fun, student-centered bulletin board for the end of the school year with the theme "Bugging Out for Summer!"

1. Brainstorm Summer Activities

Since this bulletin board focuses on student excitement for summer, get them brainstorming about all of the things that they are excited to do when the summer finally arrives..from family trips to just sleeping in late, get them brainstorming! They do not have to write about a big trip or anything costly, even running around outside catching fireflies is a good topic to write about!

Once they brainstorm, have them select one of the things that they are excited about for summer. Students should write a short paragraph including a few reasons to support why they are excited about that summer event.

End of the Year Bulletin Board Idea for Elementary

2. Use a Ladybug Template

Once student's work has been edited, use a ladybug template for students to write their final copy. I have students write on lined ladybug templates and create an illustration on a blank ladybug template. After students have written the final copy of their summer writing and completed a colorful illustration page, follow these directions:

To assemble the ladybug...

✅cut out writing ladybug template

✅ cut out illustration ladybug template

✅ staple both together, with writing on top

✅ have students create a border with red or black paper by tracing the ladybug on construction paper, leaving about an inch border, and staple or glue together 

End of the Year Bulletin Board Idea for Elementary

3. Use Pipe Cleaners to Pop

Since the heading of the bulletin board is "Bugging out for Summer," you can create the bugs to look like they are moving around with excitement by using pipe cleaners. Simply cut one pipe cleaner into six pieces for each of the legs. Then, tape the piper cleaners down, bending them up towards the bug to make it look like the ladybug is moving with excitement. Now, they are ready to add to the bulletin board.

End of the Year Bulletin Board Idea for Elementary

Now that your bulletin board is complete try these ideas to take the buggy theme even further to make the end of the year engaging!

4. Grab a Buggy Read Aloud

You will love these buggy read-alouds that pair nicely with this themed bulletin board and writing project...

end of the year read aloud for upper elementary

5. Make an Independent Packet

There is no better way to manage your students at the end of the year than by providing a packet of fun, independent work that students can work on throughout the day, especially on days when your schedule is crazy! Tie in the bug theme with nonfiction reading passages, poetry, puzzles, a word search, math practice, and anything that goes with the buggy theme works!

I love to add a coloring cover page to staple to the top of the work packet to give the students an extra brain break as they work through the packet!

end of the year independent packet of activities upper elementary

6. Create A Game

Once we have completed the writing and illustrating for the bulletin board display, I have students use that same theme to create their own math game! This project is called Bugging Out for Math! The kids LOVE this activity! 

There are no strict rules or directions, except the students need to create a math game based on one skill that they learned that year. You can have them pick a skill like multiplication or assign each group or pair of students a skill to avoid overlap. The kids work in pairs or in small groups and create their game using one of the given spinners or game boards. Once all groups are done, we have a game day. I call it Bugging out for Games Day. The kids take turns playing each other's games. It is a lot of fun and a memorable activity for the last week of school! You will be impressed with the games that the students create!

end of the year create your own math game project for upper elementary

Grab this done for you set and print and go!

Reading passages, fun independent packet activities, bulletin board kit, AND math game project in one place!

End of the Year Bulletin Board Idea for Elementary

The end of the year does not have to be crazy and stressful! This bugging out for summer theme is fun and engaging and will have your students focused and working hard as the year winds down and summer approaches! And since this bulletin board kit is done for you, all you have to do is print and go! Happy summer!

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End of the Year coloring pages for the last day of school upper  Elementary

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End of the Year Bulletin Board Idea for Elementary

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