Using Reading Strategies to Help Readers Grow

Reading strategy activities for 3rd 4th 5th graders

Do you want to help your students grow as readers and truly understand what they read as independent readers? That is always my goal each year, too!

That is why I focus on reading strategy instruction.

Reading strategies and reading units are quite different. 

Often times the teaching of reading strategies gets lost in the mix of teaching reading units. While teaching reading units such as character development are important, I have found that explicitly teaching students how to apply reading comprehension strategies to be the most effective tool to  help students grow as independent and self-monitoring readers.

Reading strategy instruction can be overwhelming at first to plan and implement, but it is important to teach students how to use reading strategies they read independently. It exposes students to multiple techniques to help them truly comprehend the text at hand. 

When students apply a variety of reading strategies as they read, it helps them become active readers. When students are active readers and apply multiple strategies as they read, they are able to understand the text at a deeper level. 

By teaching reading strategies with explicit instruction, you will help your students:
  • see reading strategies in action multiple times
  • learn how to apply them to their own independent reading
  • have the opportunity to practice the strategy in isolation
  • build their reading strategy repertoire 
  • learn how to apply more than one reading strategy when reading complex texts
  • understand the books that they read at a deeper level

Not sure how to get started?

I can help!

I have compiled tried and true teaching strategy resources that I use with my own students into convenient print-and-go packs to make planning, teaching, and practicing easier!

Each reading strategy pack includes:

  • anchor charts
  • graphic organizers to scaffold instruction
  • student practice pages
  • task cards and reading passages
  • independent reading tasks
  • many sets have modeled examples
  • and so much more in both print and digital formats

Which reading strategy set will you use today?

reading strategy activities for 3rd 4th 5th graes

Take a closer look at each reading strategy set by clicking the images below.

making predictions activities for upper elementary kids

"I have now purchased a few of these reading strategies from this seller and have been very happy with the package and how it is so easy to use in my classroom. I really appreciated the read aloud suggestions - I love using story books in class, they still love to be read to!"

questioning activities for kids

"This was a great resource for my questioning unit. Very thorough and well laid out. The graphic organizers were great for independent practice. Thank you!"

making inferences activities for kids

"This resource was awesome! I couldn't believe all that was included. It has everything you need to teach inferencing in a simple and inviting format. The practice activities are great!"

summarizing activities for 3rd 4th 5th graders

"Wow, I had to reteach this strategy {summarizing} and using your product has made a great difference in my students' success. I reduced the size your poster for summarizing and the summary vs retell and taped them to my students' desk.
Love IT!!"

visualizing activities for kids

"Very helpful tool for teaching envisioning during reader's workshop. Great scaffolded worksheets for written responses."

context clues activities for kids

"I love all of your products. They are easy to use and implement in the classroom. I use them in reader's notebooks and in small groups with my students. Thank you."

nonfiction summary activities for kids

"You have literally thought of every activity to help kiddos understand summarizing in both fiction and non-fiction. This resource is gold! Can’t wait to use it with my students this upcoming year! Thank you."

background knowledge activities for kids
"Extremely satisfied! I have a lot of English language learners and this is very helpful to them as well as an excellent review to the class as a whole. Thank you."

reading strategy activities for kids

Using Reading Strategies to Help Readers Grow

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Using Reading Strategies to Help Readers Grow

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