4 Spring Learning Activities for Upper Elementary

4 Spring Learning Activities for Upper Elementary

By the time spring arrives in the classroom, suddenly students are independent!

It is my favorite time of year!

My teacher heart goes pitter-patter just watching students get excited about new things, work together, and take the reins on their own learning. 

Spring is definitely the time of year when projects like math projects and research projects are front and center in my upper elementary classroom!

There are so many fun and relevant topics to explore with students once spring rolls around! I love to use seasonal topics and projects to engage students and harness the excitement that comes with spring fever. The list below includes my favorite topics and projects to do with students during springtime to keep them motivated and knee-deep in authentic learning.

Changing Seasons

The arrival of spring is the perfect time to learn about the changing seasons. Comparing spring to winter is a great way to kick off learning about the seasons. With winter and spring being so different, students will fill up their Venn diagrams in no time. Be sure to go a step further and have them turn their notes into a paragraph!

Grab this free print and digital activity below {at the bottom of this post} to get your students comparing the seasons!

spring and seasons activity

Upper elementary students are ready to go a bit deeper and understand the science behind how and why seasons change. Following this comparison activity, my students love learning about the spring equinox and why it is such an important day!

Get learning about the spring equinox in your classroom with these:

Bring all things spring to life for your students with these high-interest spring picture books...and bonus, grab the free teacher resources to go along with them!

Earth Day

There are so many different topics to learn about when it comes to Earth Day! The kids always love reading about recycling, pollution, rain forests, and how to do their part to help keep the planet healthy!  Not sure where to get started? The list below includes free videos and engaging activities to help you get started.

Another lesson we dive into during our Earth Day investigations is all about harnessing solar energy! After we learn about different types and forms of energy, the children work to create ways to harness solar power. Students also create solar energy homes that can turn the energy from the sun into energy to run their homes. 

earth day writing activity

Endangered Species

My favorite spring project is focusing on endangered animals! During this unit, we spend a lot of time discussing the difference between extinct and endangered species, as well as the different levels of endangerment that can be found on the endangered species conservation list. 

Students love to research different endangered species! To make this research project manageable for students to work independently, I break down each step of the process for them, assigning them one component each day. This allows them to be independent while doing the research but they are still guided in how to collect and compile the information that they learn.

Once students have collected the information, they write their endangered species essays. Students are responsible for presenting what they learned to the class. I give them a variety of options for presenting. From posters and handouts to slideshows and persuasive speeches, each student can find the presentation format that is just right for them!

Get started on an endangered species project with these resources:


endangered animals activity for kids

Poetry and National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month! I love bringing poetry into my classroom every day, but I sure don't mind having a reason to read and write even MORE poetry! 

There are so many reasons why I love using poetry in the classroom! Here are some:

Poetry truly engages all levels of readers and writers! You will see a huge increase in participation when your reading and writing lessons are focused on poetry. Students love to read aloud poems because of their easy-to-follow rhyme and rhythm and they love sharing the poems that they wrote too! 

One type of poem that I LOVE writing during the spring is a Bio Poem. These are so much fun to write about towards the end of the year because they truly show how much students have grown! 

Teacher tip: Have your students write bio poems at the start of the school year to help you get to know them, and then again at the end of the school year. You and the students will be amazed at how much they have grown as writers and as students. I love adding these to their writing portfolios!

poetry month activities for kids

When spring fever is in the air...engage your students in high-interest activities that will promote their love of learning and get them independently researching, reading, and writing! From the spring equinox to Earth Day and everything in between, your students will learn so much and enjoy every minute of it!

Happy spring teacher friends!

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4 Spring Learning Activities for Upper Elementary

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